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Author Dennis Wesley Clark accumulated a diverse set of experiences that uniquely prepared him for insightful story telling.  As a youth he became familiar with the high Sierras of California and the wilderness of northern Canada.  Later he lived in Costa Rica, Honduras and Venezuela learning the language and the culture.  He served in the Army in Vietnam.  As an artillery Staff Sergeant he worked at the bases along the DMZ in the light artillery and later as ‘tactical combat advisor’ on heavy caliber anti-aircraft weapons used in a ground-to-ground role.  In college he graduated top in his class in Finance and later earned an MBA.  He worked in the aerospace and defense industry at various locations in the USA and England specializing in fixing ‘broken operations’; and later, he worked as a  consultant within the industry.  He visited Eastern Europe shortly after the departure of the Russians, seeing the impact of their occupation.  Now, as a novelist, expect this unique background to be woven into stories that will tantalize you with weave of combat, industry, and diverse cultures.


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